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Effects of Child Abuse

Children/teenagers, who have been afflicted by abuse and violence, loose confidence, are frightened and doubt their own perception. They are speechless, feel betrayed, worthless are full of shame, helpless and without control over their own life (as a victim). They feel guilty even though responsibility lies only within the hands of the aggressors. Experiences with abuse and violence have short time impact, but unfortunately most likely live long impacts on victims.

If afflicted victims are not getting help or if help is not organized for them, the aggressors will and cannot be stopped.

The pressure, which has built up in a child due to child abuse, can show through "steaming off" by beating up younger children, black mailing, threatening stealing or break belongings of other children.

Not to be able to get out of the way from abuse and slip away from abuse, often leads to inner withdraw, difficulties to build and maintain relationships to others, leading a second life in Internet, to escape "to the life out there".

Many afflicted people try to drown their pain, fear and shame in alcohol and drugs or self-injury.

At school or at work they might attract attention through their changed behavior and with their difficulties to concentrate on learning or work or they might attract attention trough their extremely high performance orientation at work or at school.

Because of accumulating critics through their strange behavior might lead to further feelings of worthlessness, unimportance and they start thinking that life doesn't make sense anymore, throw everything away and leave.

Not all of them, but quiet a lot of them start realizing the effects of abuse and violence as adults that they have experienced in their childhood or teenage years.
They suffer still from the described effects above or depression, addiction, eating disorders, self-distroying behavior and disorder of personality. In the meantime it it's proven that children and teenager who have experienced violence will more likely use violence against others in their lives. Sometimes they take their life by them own.

If we look at possible effects we see that what we've been through has a strong impact on our lives and it is therefore important to get help and to encourage afflicted people to go out there and get themselves help.